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Anxiety Treatment

In treating anxiety I explore with the patient their family history and dynamics as well as other factors which may have resulted in their feeling anxious. Some of the important questions to answer are: what situations result in anxiety, what concerns are creating anxiety, what does the patient do when they are anxious.

In our anxiety treatment sessions, we will determine the particular dynamics causing your unease. A “Plan” will be designed cooperatively and you will have a number of very specific activities and techniques to do after every session. These activities and anxiety treatment techniques target specific aspects of your particular anxieties and fears. In general, people who are anxious tend to actually avoid or wish they could avoid the situations that make them anxious. Most of their anxiety is created by their extreme desire to avoid these situations combined with their fear that, at some time, they may not be able to do that successfully. The thought of even an unlikely circumstance where they have to face something that they are attempting to avoid, creates anxiety. Of course the advice is to face those feared situations; I will teach you how. There are a number of very effective techniques to help people enter situations that they have been avoiding. The surprise for most patients is how simple the techniques are to follow and how quickly they work.

If you can follow simple directions, I can help you overcome anxiety!!

Some common causes for a person experiencing high anxiety are:

  • over-concern for how others see you,
  • a fear of criticism or disapproval,
  • fear of making a mistake,
  • persistent negative, upsetting thoughts,
  • health worries,
  • fear of places and/or situations.
  • fear of making a fool of oneself
  • fear of losing control
  • fear of crowds
  • fear of being alone
  • phobias, such as fear of flying or elevators

Anxiety is a pervasive, persistent state where an individual may have the feeling that something dreadful is about to happen at any time. This is called anticipatory anxiety, often resulting in hyper-alertness and sensitivity to real or imagined dangers and negative social interactions, such as criticism or disapproval. Anxiety tends to become more or less severe, and may even become a non-problem for periods, as life circumstances change, but for most sufferers it is a life-long struggle that fluctuates but never goes away.

High anxiety causes debilitating emotional and behavioral effects:

  • poor memory
  • poor attention span
  • poor impulse control (often resulting in being overweight)
  • poor social adjustment and judgment.
  • inability to make decisions
  • anger
  • depression
  • obsessive/compulsive thoughts and behaviors
  • chronic lateness
  • being overly critical of oneself and others
  • sleep problems such as difficulty falling asleep or intermittent waking

Some physical problems are brought on or made more severe by anxiety:

  • because of the weight gain that some people experience, there is an increase in all of the ailments associated with being over-weight
  • anxiety can raise your heart rate and blood pressure
  • increase your blood glucose level,
  • create and/or worsen just about any stomach and intestinal condition, such as irritable bowel, Crohn’s Disease, and ulcers
  • women, especially those who tend to over-react to situations are very prone to ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids
  • panic attacks result from high anxiety
  • allergies of every type are made worse by anxiety
  • skin conditions such as psoriasis and exema

If you have more than a light sprinkling of the items in the lists above, you should contact me to learn more about anxiety treatments. Read my reviews and see why, with some effort and my guidance, you will learn how to lead a less anxious, more confident life.



Dr. Merny Schwartz, PHD

Dr. Merny Schwartz is a dedicated and caring licensed clinical psychologist and certified school psychologist serving patients in Brooklyn, NY for more than 35 years.

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