Dealing With Difficult People


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Dealing with Difficult People

We all have difficult people in our lives. Relatives, a boss, co-workers, friends, the person at the motor vehicle department, etc. These people upset us, interfere with our daily lives, and sometimes abuse us. Probably the most common trait of difficult people is their critical nature, while they, at the same time are very sensitive to criticism. Learning to stay calm in the face of criticism and disapproval is a major component of the overall plan. Sometimes the difficult person is our spouse or significant other. In that case marriage counseling or couples therapy is most helpful.

Learning to employ effect countermeasures to their behavior without getting out of control or becoming upset is a valuable life skill. Despite the fact that these people often seem to have the upper hand, there are definite techniques that can benefit the person who knows how to apply them. Not all difficult people are the same, with the same motivations. Learning to determine what you are dealing with is an important part of handling it well.

The object is not as much to change other people as it is to learn how to stay calm and confident in spite of the behavior directed at us by a difficult person. Learning to control one’s own behavior is the best method of protection against the abuses of others. There are, however some effective methods designed to thwart “bad” behavior.

How Will Dr. Schwartz Help Me Deal Better with the Difficult People in My Life?

You will learn through cognitive behavioral therapy how not predict other’s behavior, prepare for what you might get and learn to stay calm. Also, as mentioned above, you will learn some techniques to keep those difficult people “off guard”. Sometimes merely learning not to respond or argue can be an effective technique for changing the dynamics of a relationship.


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