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Treatment of Panic Attacks

Panic attacks occur without warning and come and go on their own schedule. You can have one while watching TV or when you are on-line at the bank. You suddenly become extremely anxious, your heart may race and you may want to leave where you are in order to get some air. The attack usually lasts for a relatively short time (a few minutes at the most), but leaves you more anxious for hours or days after the attack.

I will tech you specific techniques to help you handle panic attacks well. Also, learning to reduce your over-all anxiety level will help reduce or eliminate the panic attacks. The more anxious you are the more likely you are to have panic attacks.


Dr. Merny Schwartz, PHD

Dr. Merny Schwartz is a dedicated and caring licensed clinical psychologist and certified school psychologist serving patients in Brooklyn, NY for more than 35 years.

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A Warm and Inviting Environment

Our practice offers a warm and inviting environment for our patients to meet with Dr. Merny Schwarz. Our office is conveniently located off the B & Q subway lines in the Flatbush-Ditmas Park area of Brooklyn, NY.

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Dr. Merny Schwartz, PhD

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